About me

Hello there! I’m so glad that you’re here! Although I can’t offer you a coffee, I invite you to come in, like this is my house.


My name is Tania and I just got into my thirties. I’m an introverted creative soul, so I love being on my own doing crafts.

Some things that inspire me are stationery, sunny days and movies. I also find inspiration in the walks I take in Coruña, the city on the northwestern Spain that I live in. I love going to the movies, baking cakes, reading, attending ballet clases, playing board games, exchanging letters with people from all over the world, organizing trips or anything else, writing and, of course, sewing.

In recent years I have launched a couple of projects – Petite Blasa and Strabismic Bird. The first one is what I’ll talk you about later. The second one isn’t up to us right now, but I can tell you that it’s related to snail mail – google it, you might like it!


As I told you, creativity has always been part of me. The summer of 2010 was one of the most boring times of my life and I found no other way to remedy that than to start sewing. I had some leftover felt I had used on carnival costumes and a few safety pins, and that’s how my very first brooches came into existence.

The next step was to open an online shop on a marketplace and let the products I created spread around the world and fill people’s hearts with beautiful things.

My style has changed through the years, but it’s still fun and colourful and childish. I still use felt, but fabric has earned its special corner in this adventure. As I am a self-taught needlewoman, my learning process is slow, but I feel I’ve improved a lot since the summer of 2010. There are still a thousand techniques that I want to learn and that’s exciting. Although I use my sewing machine sometimes, my true passion is hand sewing – it’s a lot more laborious, but I love it!


Also in 2010, I created a blog to show my products and share everything I like – creative projects, movies, books, dessert recipes and much more. If you like oldstyle blogs, where you can get lost browsing between posts, I think you might like it. I hope you understand Spanish, though.