I created this blog in 2010 as a means of showing my crafts, without much pretense but with real enthusiasm. Since then, that passion has grown and, combined with many ―many― hours of hard work, it has led to a handful of people walking around here often in search of inspiration, handmade projects and pretty things.

Brands know this and therefore they want to make themselves known among the readers of this blog. This way, I have the opportunity to introduce you beautiful brands and projects, getting small stipends on return that help me improve the blog. It’s a circle!

All the sponsored posts I write are marked as such at the end of the text part.


I work with a brand or project to create something together. I do not receive money in exchange, but I can receive products necessary to carry out the collaboration. It usually consists of me preparing a tutorial for a craft supply store and in return I receive some of the materials that I use in that tutorial.


I receive products from a brand, I try them and I share my opinion about them with you.


A brand pays me to talk about it and its products. Or I can simply include links to their website in a post on another topic.


I insert links to online stores and receive a commission every time someone purchases products through one of those links. Products won’t cost more to the customer.

The other posts, although they can talk about brands or stores, do not fit with any of these codes because they are not the result of any type of sponsorship. In any case, I want to make it clear that in all the posts I write, paid or not, I give my honest and free opinion, never influenced by what I receive in exchange. I have rejected a lot of collaborations because I didn’t like the products or I didn’t think you could be interested in them or they didn’t fit the aesthetics of this blog.