JOLIE – Embroidered hanging banner “Loca del c*ño”


Embroidered hanging banner with tassels.

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Jolie is a wall hanging banner that brightens any space, no matter how dull it is.

It’s made of light green canvas, embroidered with yellow thread (it says “LOCA DEL C*OÑO”, uncensored) and set on a wooden stick. Moreover, it is decorated with two yellow tassels. You can ask for other colours and phrases.

It’s so light that you can hang it on a wall without hooks – just use a piece of washi tape to hold it. It also looks great hanging on a door handle or anywhere else you can think of, there are no rules!

The fabric piece of this banner is machine sewn and hand embroidered. There is a label on the back, so that you know it’s a genuine Petite Blasa product.

Since it’s a made-to-order product, the item you’ll receive may not be exactly the one shown in pictures – it will be very similar. Also, please note that your monitor may not be able to display the real colours.

Dimensions (fabric piece):
– Width: 7.8 in (20 centimeters)
– Height: 11.4 in (29 centimeters)


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